Value chains

Goal: Get informed on value chains. (You do not have to do anything else here and it serves to improve your understanding.)

The recently published report from the UN highlights that “the value-chain approach identifies where the greatest opportunities for improvement occur and shapes corresponding actions by building on existing knowledge and available data.” We invite you to read the report.

This section describes what value chains are, what they look like and why they are useful for the SCA. It uses the example of concrete to show which NACE codes can be defined for each of the life cycle stages.

Outline of the video

  • This video focuses specifically on life cycle stages of selected materials from construction and biomass sectors, who are the actors and how much value is created through these materials.
  • M1:20 Example of generic value chain of city’s construction sector
  • M3:20 Sector economic activities of the construction sector are shown with the relevant NACE codes.
  • The goal of this module is to build value chains for all of the 11 materials for the construction sector and 12 materials for the biomass sector

Note: If you are interested in understanding value chains better, you can create your own flow diagrams with the flow diagram builder on the CityLoops Data Hub. Check out the Flow Diagram Builder section of the Handbook.