Goal: Collect demographic data including at a minimum population figures for the entire city for the past 5 years, and for the NUTS 3, NUTS 2 and country level. Also look for data on population forecasts. (Ideally city demographic data is available at a more fine grained level as well: broken down by age group and gender.)


  1. Find the population data.
  2. Upload it to the respective sublayers with useful titles, including the timeframe (e.g. 1995-2022) and if there is any sort of breakdown (age, gender).

Outline of the video

  • Population data is important to make per capita calculations.
  • Wikipedia as a starting point is helpful once again. Simply follow the references.
  • National statistics agency and census is helpful.
  • Good to get population projections to make a forecast.
  • Good to get data that is split up by neighbourhoods or zip codes.
  • Actual "dataset" / spreadsheet is the preferred way to upload this data.
  • In addition, you can upload supporting documents.
  • Number of households can also be added in this section.