How to add data to the CityLoops Data Hub

The following steps need to be carried out to add data to the CityLoops Data Hub:

  1. Open your city’s Community Portal. If you cannot remember the link replace “sevilla” in the following URL with your city’s name:
  2. Choose the correct sublayer for which you want to upload data.
  3. Under “upload new item”, select the data format that you wish to upload.
  4. Fill in the correct info for the fields: name, authors, description, publication year, source, URL etc. Take care to properly edit and curate the information.
  5. Click “Save”

Congratulations! The data item has been submitted and a new entry recorded. A task to process this item has been automatically created by the MoC bot.

Upload data

In this video we give a tour of the CityLoops Data Hub. It explains how the Data Hub is structured, how to upload data for a city and how to use the forum.

Tip: When in doubt, use the discussion section at the bottom of the relevant page to engage with Metabolism of Cities and with the larger data collector community for advice.

How to find and add photos

The video goes into detail on which photos to add, how to best find photos and how to upload them. The slides for this presentation can be found here. From minute 9:00 onwards, it is also explained how to add a cover photo for your city.