Step 2: Data processing

Data processing is the second step of the SCA.

Goal: Process the collected data to:

  • bring the data into the right format (annual weight unit)
  • determine which data is still missing and needs to be collected
  • create individual dataset visualisations (on the Data Hub), to better understand the data
  • fill in Table 1 and 2, in order to build the basis for the analysis through indicators and the Sankey diagram


Step 2 is about data processing and continues the work of the SCA by following Step 1: data collection. The documents that were uploaded in its various data formats, such as Excel, PDF, shapefiles, CSV are taken and converted to a standardised format for a reference year.

Three general substeps have to be carried out in the data processing step. Since their nature is the same for the SCA and the UCA (Urban Circularity Assessment), they are therefore explained in the overarching section of “How to process data”.