Goal: find as much information as you can on the manufacturing of the 11 construction and/or 12 biomass materials and add those to the sublayers of 3.2. Manufacturing with the usual upload and tagging procedure.

Outline of the video

  • Materials flows in manufacturing industry
  • A tricky one. It is impossible to get a full, complete and accurate picture. BUT, there are many ways to get data.
  • Reasons it is complicated: the manufacturing industry is not a single industry. There are many heavy duty industries, but also very small ones. There is no single point of entry.
  • With previous tasks, you have an idea of what kind of manufacturing exists in your city.
  • M2:28, Overview
    • Focus on what matters most
      • Biggest industries OR high env. Impact of some companies
    • Industry-wide data vs. individual companies
      • think about how industry is set up
      • Industry-wide - if there is an association or so many companies that it is too vast
      • Individual companies: if there is only a handful of companies or if there is a monopoly
    • Input & outputs are relevant
      • We care about both. Example: brewery.
    • Every number (potentially) matters
      • Because these datasets are so far apart, a single number can already be useful.
  • M9:20, examples
    • Consol, glass producing company in Cape Town
    • Annual reports
    • Olive oil industry association
      • In general, at best they have data on the provincial level. But there is no harm in contacting them and ask them for it.

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