Step 5: Fill in your final values in tonnes for two years


  • “A. Data collection” sheet
      1. Domestic extraction > columns I and J;
      1. Imports&Exports > columns J, K, L and M;
      1. Waste > orange fields in columns E-K;

How: When you arrive at Step 5, you will have done a lot of work already around data collection and processing. Now it’s time to fill in your final values:

  1. Ensure that you have your values ready in tonnes, on the city level and for 2 reference years.
  2. Fill in the data into the above mentioned locations. Again, in general, we recommend linking data within different tabs or amongst each other in sheets through the IMPORTRANGE function of google sheets.
    • Link the data from the sheets where you did data conversions.
    • Link data from the data processing sheet where you did downscaling.