Economic activities in the city

Goal: Collect data on key local economic activities. These figures should ideally include GDP and number of people employed in key sectors (or better yet, in the entire local economy, broken down by sector). Try to find data for at least 3 years - the more recent, the better. Governmental reports are preferred.


  1. Find out if your city also uses NACE codes (see video below) to classify information. If not, which other classification do they use (if any)?
  2. In “1.3 Economic activity - descriptions” upload a government report or webpage that describes what the main economic activities, e.g tourism, manufacturing, agriculture in your city are.
  3. In “1.3 Economic activity - figures” upload values on GDP and number of employees. If your data is structured in NACE codes and when you are asked to upload data on “at least level 2 of NACE codes”, this means for example, that you should upload on “A1 - Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities” or “C23 - Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products”. However, the more detailed, the better.

Outline of the video

The video describes why data on economic activities are needed and what should be collected and uploaded. Descriptions in the form of reports or webpages are useful. In the sublayer for figures, numbers for employees and GDP are relevant.

NACE codes

NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities), the European statistical classification of economic activities, is useful in this type of work and context. The video explains it further and also gives an example of a NACE code. (The document that is referred to in the video is NACE Rev. 2 and can be found here:

NACE codes also exist in the following EU official languages: Bulgarian, Czech; Danish; Dutch; English; Estonian; Finnish; French; German; Greek; Hungarian; Italian; Latvian; Lithuanian, Maltese; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Slovak; Slovene; Spanish; Swedish; and various other non-EU languages: Croatian, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish

Tip: You can use this overview of NACE codes to easily see and browse the NACE codes in one place.

Economic activities - example

This video uses Brussels as an example to showcase what the data needed for economic activities could look like.