For Metabolism of Cities, as one partner out of 28 partners in CityLoops, the following people have been working on the project.

Aristide Athanassiadis

Aristide is co-founder of Metabolism of Cities and Senior Researcher at the Human-Environment Relations in Urban Systems laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Within his work he attempts to build bridges between the academia, public administrations and “circular” …

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Carolin Bellstedt

Carolin holds a B.Sc. in Environmental and Resource Management and a M.Sc. in Industrial Ecology (Leiden University/TU Delft). She is interested in studying the integration of urban metabolism, systems thinking and circular economy towards a regenerative future. Carolin has worked …

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Guus Hoekman

Guus is a front-end developer specialising in data visualisation brought onto the team to improve the platform's design and user experience. He is the founder of Pollito and member of the Penguin Collective. Currently living in Valencia, Guus holds a …

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Paul Hoekman

I am passionate about open collaboration initiatives, exploring the challenges and opportunities around urban sustainability, and learning from and about nature.

In my work, I have been involved in a variety of initiatives and projects. I have (co-) founded a …

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