Online Report

Metabolism of Cities provides the opportunity and tool to create an online report on the CityLoops Data Hub.

For this, you can make use of a online report form for your city to fill in your information in the structured and predetermined fields and to embed your interactive graphics that you have produced after the technical processing of the data. The result is an interactive online report that can be easily shared as a webpage with others.

The online report can be used for the SCA and the UCA. Do you want to have more info on what those structures look like, find out more here:

SCA Report

UCA Report

Are you interested in producing an online report on the CityLoops Data Hub for your city? Please get in touch with Metabolism of Cities (info[at] to inquire about this option.

How to copy a table from a spreadsheet into the report

The principle for adding a table (for example, the one with the indicators or with the data quality matrix) to your online report, is explained here in steps and with images for the data quality matrix:

  1. Make a table in a spreadsheet, see for example here.
  2. Convert the table into markdown language with this tool:
    • (a) Simply copy the cells that you want to add to the report
    • (b) Paste them in the field
    • (c) Click on convert
    • (d) Copy the result
  3. Paste the result into the report form.
  4. Make sure to add a free line after the copied text and press SAVE!
  5. (You can add text above or before the table in the same form field.)

Note: If you want to make changes, you can just follow this process over and over and copy the new code into the form. Moreover, if you are using hyperlinks (for the indicators, for example), those will also be converted through the tool.

How to use markdown

To fill in the forms, you can use Markdown in order to make your report visually more attractive and easier to read.

  • To add a hyperlink, put the URL in brackets, for example [ Google ] ( (but without spaces)
  • To make a list with bullet points: add simply a dash and space before the text and an empty line before the list. Be careful, the field will not "read" the word formatted indented lists.
    • If you need to make further indentations, e.g. subpoints, put four empty spaces and then the dash.
  • To write text in bold: Add two * before and after the word or text. For example: bold text (without spaces)