Flow Diagram Builder

The flow diagram builder lives on the CityLoops Data Hub. It was designed to better understand value chains and the order and relationship of NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) codes, the European statistical classification of economic activities (see for a video under ”Economic activities in the city” > NACE codes).

Depending on the lifecycle stages and the material under study, different NACE codes are needed to build the flow diagram and then also to find data for them.

You can check out the flow diagrams that were built for all 11 construction materials and 12 biomass materials of the Sector-wide Circularity Assessment (SCA), using the flow diagram builder.

Building flow diagrams

If you are interested in understanding value chains better, you can create your own flow diagrams with the tool on the CityLoops Data Hub, as is explained in this video. There, the example of oil-bearing crops is used to show what a flow diagram can look like once it was started to build. The biomass material "cereals" is then built step by step to illustrate the "managing of blocks".