Generation of insights

Goal: Describe insights into your sector, its circularity, as well as the indicators and visualisations that you have produced, and finalise your SCA report.

Approach: Use the knowledge that you have gained and try to answer questions to facilitate your analysis. Some exemplary questions are provided to get you started. Note down your answers and formulate cohesive insights (as part of the SCA report).

Questions for overall analysis

  • What is your overall realisation based on your analysis?
  • How can the current analysis be used/embedded in the urban administration? For monitoring?
  • How can any current projects, such as demonstration actions, be scaled up?
  • Which projects do you think should be implemented to make the sector more circular (based on the Sankey diagram and the indicators)?
  • What are some data that need to be refined in the future?
  • What are some avenues for future analysis, including stock and spatialisations?
  • What else would you like to explore?

Questions for maps analysis

  • Where in the city are relevant infrastructure located?
  • Are all the necessary infrastructures to make flows more circular available in the city?
  • Are there (industrial) clusters that can be taken advantage of?
  • Can you foresee any industrial symbiosis between some of the economic activities present in the territory?
  • Are there any insights about urban mining that can be extracted from the material stock map?

Further parts

For the following parts, there are more specific instructions and examples: