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Title Type Author(s) Year
City boundaries in Høje-Taastrup Municipality Shapefile Supply and Efficiency
City population in HTK Dataset
Country population in Denmark Shapefile Supply and Efficiency
Growth Accounts 2020 in Høje Taastrup Municipality Webpage Høje-Taastrup Municipality
Municipal plan framework for 2014 Shapefile
City population within the demonstration area Dataset Hoje-Taastrup Municipality 2021
EBBES KLEINSMEDIE APS Dataset Virk Data 2020
GDP growth (municipal level) Dataset Hoje-Taastrup Municipality 2020
Growth accounts in Hoje-Taastrup Report Hoje-Taastrup municipality 2020
I/S VESTFORBRÆNDING Høje-Taastrup Genbrugsstation Dataset Virk Data 2020
IBF HEDEHUSENE Dataset Virk Data 2020
K.S. Smede og Montage A/S Dataset Virk Data 2020
NUTS 2 - 2016 Shapefile EUROSTAT 2020
NUTS 3 - 2016 Shapefile EUROSTAT 2020
SCHRØDERS METAL A/S Dataset Virk Data 2020
Employed per. industry (level 2) in Denmark Dataset 2015
Employed per. industry (level 2) in HTK Dataset Hoje-Taastrup Municipality 2015
Municipal planning framework 2014 Shapefile Plan data 2014
Correlation between DN- NACE and DB07 industry codes 1192821 Dataset Denmark's Statistic 2012
City Population in HTK total 2011-2020 Dataset Denmark's Statistics 2011
Country population in Denmark from 2011-2020 Dataset Denmark's Statistics 2011


This layer is about specific economic information on the sector's activities, per single material: value created (GDP, GVA), actors (companies) and employees.

Mandatory sublayers

Data and information to obtain

2.1. Extraction/Harvesting 0
2.2. Manufacturing 4
2.3. Use 0
2.4. Waste Collection 1
2.5. Waste Treatment 1
2.5.1 Landfill 0
2.5.2 Incineration 0
2.5.3 Recycling 0
2.5.4 Backfilling 0
2.5.5 Remediation 0
2.5.6 Composting 0
2.5.7 Biomethanisation 0
2.6. Reuse 0
2.7. Remanufacture 0
2.8. Imports 0
2.9. Exports 0

This layer is all about flows and stocks from extraction, manufacturing, use (consumption), imports and exports, waste, and addition to (artificial) stocks (e.g. building stocks).

Mandatory sublayers

Data and information to obtain

3.1. Extraction/Harvesting 0
3.2. Manufacturing 0
3.3 Use 0
3.4 Stock 0
3.4.1 Reuse (stock to use) 0
3.5. Waste flows 0
3.6. Imports and exports 0


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When I want to edit some of the deliverables i get this images? and nothing happens.. I hope someone can help me out - is has been like this since yesterday.


Hi Cecilie,
Thanks for raising this. I've noticed this too. There are two issues actually and I made tasks for this yesterday. Please observe those here and here, to be informed when these issues are resolved. Sorry if it causes you trouble.

On a different note, I've created a forum topic to announce when tasks for the next week are published, see here. I've just added the new tasks.

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