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Data and information to obtain

3.1. Extraction/Harvesting
3.1.1 Extraction flow (to use)
3.1.2 Extraction flow (to manufacture)
3.1.3 Extraction flow (to waste collection) Extraction flow (to landfill) Extraction flow (to biomethanisation) Extraction flow (to composting) Extraction flow (to incineration) Extraction flow (to recycling)
3.1.4 Extraction flow (to exports)
3.2. Manufacturing
3.2.1 Manufacturing flow (to use)
3.2.2 Manufacturing flow (to waste collection) Manufacturing flow (to landfill) Manufacturing flow (to incineration) Manufacturing flow (to biomethanisation) Manufacturing flow (to composting) Manufacturing flow (to recycling)
3.2.3 Manufacturing flow (to exports)
3.3 Use
3.3.1 Use flow (to stock)
3.3.2 Use flow (to waste collection) Use flow (to landfill) Use flow (to incineration) Use flow (to remanufacturing) Use flow (to recycling)
3.4 Stock
3.4.1 Reuse (stock to use)
3.4.2 Demolition/renovation (stock to waste collection) Demolition/renovation (to landfill) Demolition/renovation (to incineration) Demolition/renovation (to remanufacturing) Demolition/renovation (to recycling)
3.5. Waste flows
3.5.1 Waste flow (to landfill)
3.5.2 Waste flow (to incineration)
3.5.3 Waste flow (to remanufacturing)
3.5.4 Waste flow (to recycling)
3.5.5 Waste flow (to exports)
3.5.5 Waste flow (to remediation)
3.6. Exports
3.6.1 Export flow (to landfill OUT)
3.6.2 Export flow (to incineration OUT)
3.6.3 Export flow (to remanufacturing OUT)
3.6.4 Export flow (to recycling OUT)
3.6.5 Export flow (to remediation OUT)
3.6.6 Export flow (to manufacturing OUT)
3.6.7 Export flow (to use OUT)
3.7. Imports
3.7.1 Import flow (to manufacturing)
3.7.2 Import flow (to use)
3.7.3 Import flow (to waste collection) Import flow (to landfill) Import flow (to incineration) Import flow (to remanufacturing) Import flow (to recycling) Import flow (to remediation)


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