Detailed material flow account

Detailed material flow account, overview (182 material types, 16 categories) by category, material type and time, Denmark

Further description: national plan extract for material flows. It covers imports and exports (ie at national level and not in and out of the individual municipality, but perhaps you can make a downscaling based on population, employment, construction activity etc) - ie parts of the M8. The statistics bank also has data on freight transport, but it is completely unmanageable to find out what might be relevant to look at. It probably requires someone who knows something more about statistics and the way you calculate and divide freight transport: https: / /

Ift. retail and wholesale, then I have a hard time figuring out and finding quite a lot. There are some statistics with retail turnover index by industry and by product group. Maybe it can be used to derive something. Again, it requires someone with more statistical and financial insight than myself.

Ift. M5. There is data for input of materials for production. I would argue that manufacturing = manufacturing, and I do not quite know if one can derive any of the data for input for production, but it is total material quantities for the whole country. There is also data for the industry's purchases and sales by product groups, industries, etc. and for production and turnover ( It again requires someone with more insight to see what is relevant to pull out.

Incidentally, I have not sorted out data for all the irrelevant materials. I would rather let those who help with data processing do that.

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Høje-Taastrup , Roskilde


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