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Tasks for the module of next week

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In our last course meeting (Feb 15), it was raised that it would be helpful if the tasks for the next week were already announced in the previous week. We want to use this forum topic to let you know when this was done.

I've just added the tasks for next week, Module 3 "M3: Sector Economic Activities - What". See them here:

Hi everyone,
I've just added the latest tasks, this time for Module 4 "M4: Sector Economic Activities - Who". Here they are:

Hello everyone,
Apologies for letting you know about next week's task later than usual, things were quite hectic this week. Here they finally are, this time for "M5: Material flows and stocks - Extraction and Manufacturing":

Hello hello,
This week we are quite early on time to already inform you about next week's task. You can find them here for "M6: Material flows and stocks - Use (incl. Stock)":

Hi everyone,
The tasks for next week and therefore "M7: Material flows and stocks - Waste" are now online:

Hello dear course participants,
The tasks for the next and final module of Course 1A+B, "M8: Material flows and stocks - Imports and Exports", were just added:

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