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Layer 3: Material flows and stocks

3.1. Extraction/Harvesting


Title Type Author(s) Year
Høje-Taastrup - Sankey and indicator data for construction sector Dataset Aristide Athanassiadis Carolin Bellstedt 2021 Add image
Sector-wide Circularity Assessment for the Construction Sector - Hoje-Taastrup Report Bellstedt and Athanassiadis 2021 Add image
Soil - geological sections across different directions Presentation Høje-Taastrup 2021 Add image
Soil types for the whole of Denmark Shapefile Denmark and (GEUS) 2021 Add image
Extraction of construction materials in Høje-Taastrup, 2018-2020 Dataset Bellstedt and Athanassiadis 2020 Add image
Material flow statement by indicator, material type and time Dataset Denmarks Statistics 2019 Add image

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