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Title Type Author(s) Year
Country population in Denmark Shapefile Supply and Efficiency
Musicon Dataset
Business structure Report Municipality et al. 2021
City Population in Roskilde, 2017-2021, by age group Dataset Carolin Bellstedt 2021
City population in Roskilde, 2017-2021 Dataset LOISStatistics from Lifa 2021
Current BBR building points Shapefile LOIS DW 2021
Forecast for secondary raw materials Report Hovedstaden et al. 2021
Geo localisation of extraction companies in Roskilde GPS Coordinates Carolin Bellstedt 2021
Location of waste collection and treatment in Roskilde GPS Coordinates Carolin Bellstedt 2021
Materials per city (Roskilde) Dataset Roskilde municipality 2021
Roskilde - Sankey and indicator data for construction sector Dataset Bellstedt and Athanassiadis 2021
Sector-wide Circularity Assessment for the Construction Sector - Roskilde Report Bellstedt and Athanassiadis 2021
Soil types for the whole of Denmark Shapefile Denmark and (GEUS) 2021
Amount of employees in Roskilde in 4 years (number of employees by industry code in Roskilde) Dataset CVR 2020
City boundaries in Roskilde Municipality Shapefile Denmark's Administrative Geographical Division (DAGI ) 2020
NUTS 2 - 2016 Shapefile EUROSTAT 2020
NUTS 3 - 2016 Shapefile EUROSTAT 2020
Material flow statement by indicator, material type and time Dataset Denmarks Statistics 2019
Municipal planning framework 2019 Shapefile Roskilde 2019
Access to natural resources, goods and waste Dataset Denmarks statistics 2016
Detailed material flow account Dataset Denmarks Statistics 2016
Employed per. industry (level 2) in Denmark Dataset 2015
The Musicon area in Roskilde Municipality Shapefile 2015
Correlation between DN- NACE and DB07 industry codes 1192821 Dataset Denmark's Statistic 2012
Country population in Denmark from 2011-2021 Dataset Denmark's Statistics 2011
Employed per. industry (level 2) Dataset The data is extracted from RAS301 2008

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Title Author(s) Year Tag(s)
Image | Edit
Sector-wide Circularity Assessment - Construction Sector
Report | Edit
Bellstedt et al. 2021
Roskilde aerial view
Image | Edit
Roskilde 2019
The old town hall in Roskilde, Denmark
Image | Edit
Mariusz Paździora 2011


This layer is about specific economic information on the sector's activities, per single material: value created (GDP, GVA), actors (companies) and employees.

Mandatory sublayers

Data and information to obtain

2.1. Extraction/Harvesting 2
2.2. Manufacturing 1
2.3. Use 0
2.4. Waste Collection 1
2.5. Waste Treatment 1
2.5.1 Landfill 0
2.5.2 Incineration 0
2.5.3 Recycling 0
2.5.4 Backfilling 0
2.5.5 Remediation 0
2.5.6 Composting 0
2.5.7 Biomethanisation 0
2.6. Reuse 0
2.7. Remanufacture 0
2.8. Imports 0
2.9. Exports 0

This layer is all about flows and stocks from extraction, manufacturing, use (consumption), imports and exports, waste, and addition to (artificial) stocks (e.g. building stocks).

Mandatory sublayers

Data and information to obtain

3.1. Extraction/Harvesting 4
3.2. Manufacturing 3
3.3 Use 4
3.4 Stock 4
3.4.1 Reuse (stock to use) 2
3.5. Waste flows 1
3.6. Imports and exports 2

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