Map - Apeldoorn city boundaries - districts


Apeldoorn city boundaries - districts

Space Coordinates Description
Beekbergen en omgeving [52.14458764930528, 5.968272590281109]
Centrum [52.21310077198126, 5.963923355600079]
Hoenderloo en omgeving [52.14398877120275, 5.90412804233224]
Hoog Soeren en Radio Kootwijk [52.19478702868208, 5.852305094395933]
Klarenbeek en omgeving [52.182125806762095, 6.033858511924921]
Lieren en omgeving [52.15580007038405, 6.008495173108472]
Loenen en omgeving [52.10973256020648, 6.007553785389268]
Noord [52.23163833506096, 5.955385668544741]
Noordoost [52.23177290830542, 5.9929077629509795]
Oost [52.2105649729517, 6.009305192039194]
Uddel en omgeving [52.23529882419912, 5.795007896344452]
Wenum Wiesel Beemte [52.25501379931145, 5.95177200538783]
West [52.21249005930867, 5.926079939779392]
Zuid [52.190571308482575, 5.972747993595345]
Zuidoost [52.19484913681269, 5.999167089165062]
Zuidwest [52.18745571692868, 5.943110961909073]


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