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Title Type Author(s) Year
Material monitor 2010, 2016 and 2018 in the Netherlands Webpage CBS
Apeldoorn - Sankey and indicator data for biomass sector Dataset Madzy Korte 2021
Apeldoorn - Sankey and indicator data for construction sector Dataset Madzy Korte 2021
Changes in the building stock in Apeldoorn, 2015-2020 Dataset CBS 2021
Company waste and waste treatment method Netherlands 2008-2018 Dataset CBS 2021
Dairy products produced by dairy factories in the Netherlands (2010-2020) Dataset RVO 2021
Dutch waste materials produced and treatment per sector 2012-2018 Dataset CBS 2021
GPS Coordinates biomass sector actors Apeldoorn GPS Coordinates Groot and Korte 2021
GPS Coordinates construction sector actors Apeldoorn GPS Coordinates Rob de Groot 2021
GPS Coordinates construction waste collection and treatment actors Apeldoorn GPS Coordinates Groot and Korte 2021
Gelderland road transport (un)loading total quantities in 1000 tonnes 2010-2020 Dataset CBS 2021
International trade from and to the Netherlands per material group and mode of transport 2015-2019 Dataset CBS 2021
List of registered companies in Apeldoorn Dataset KVK 2021
Live animal stock in Apeldoorn 2000-2020 Dataset CBS 2021
National quantities of imported and exported materials in mln kg 2006 - 2019 Dataset CBS 2021
Number and mass of slaughtered animals 1990-2020 in The Netherlands Dataset CBS 2021
Number of new (planned) residential buildings in Apeldoorn per quarter 2012-2020 Dataset CBS 2021
Residual waste composition of Dutch households Report RWS 2021
Yearly extraction of materials, 1996-2019, Netherlands Dataset CBS 2021
Apeldoorn city boundaries - districts Shapefile Kadaster and CBS 2020
Apeldoorn city boundaries - neighbourhoods Shapefile Kadaster and CBS 2020
Average harvested wood volume Netherlands 1998-2018 Poster Research and ProBos 2020
Background report of Dutch asphalt mixtures 2020 Report Schwarz et al. 2020
Crop production in Gelderland 1994-2020 Dataset CBS 2020
Designing a material bank to facilitate a circular construction industry Report Poutiainen et al. 2020
Development of the housing stock per neighbourhood in Apeldoorn 2018-2020 Dataset Kadaster 2020
Dutch railway transport per material category 2015-2019 Dataset CBS 2020
Financial data of companies 2009-2018 Dataset CBS 2020
Household waste Apeldoorn, kg per citizen, 2001-2019 Dataset CBS 2020
Households, composition and size per region 2000-2020 Dataset CBS 2020
Material composition of buildings in the Netherlands Report EIB et al. 2020
Municipal boundaries Apeldoorn 2020 Shapefile CBS 2020
NUTS 2 - 2016 Shapefile EUROSTAT 2020
NUTS 3 - 2016 Shapefile EUROSTAT 2020
Number of commercial building permits per industry type, East-Netherlands 2012-2020 Dataset CBS 2020
Number of companies per SBI-code (1st to 5th digit), 2007-2020 Dataset CBS 2020
Population size Apeldoorn (1995-2020) Dataset CBS 2020
Rail network Apeldoorn 2020 Shapefile ProRail 2020
Railway length in Gelderland (NUTS2) Dataset CBS 2020
Residential building stock by year of construction in Apeldoorn 2015-2020 Dataset CBS 2020
Road length in Apeldoorn 2015-2020 Dataset CBS 2020
Waste treatment in the Netherlands 2018 Report Rijkswaterstaat 2020
Apeldoorn City employment 2000-2019 Dataset PWE-Gelderland 2019 2019
Circular atlas Gelderland (NUTS2) 2019 Report Gelderland and HaskoningDHV 2019
Dutch National Waste Management Plan (LAP3) 2017-2029 Report Infrastructure and (IenW) 2019
Food waste in Dutch households in 2019 Report CREM Waste Management 2019
Household consumption (€) of products in 2015 Dataset CBS 2019
Household prognosis per region (2020-2050) Dataset CBS 2019
Jobs of employees from country - city level dec 2010 - dec 2019 Dataset CBS 2019
Population size prognosis Apeldoorn (2020-2050) Dataset CBS 2019
National dietary survey in 2012‐2016 on the general population aged 1‐79 years in the Netherlands Report Health and the Environment 2018
Revenue per industry at national, NUTS2 and NUTS3 level, 2016-2017 Dataset CBS 2018
Food consumption in the Netherlands and its determinants Report RIVM 2017
Aggregated Land-use Apeldoorn 2015 Shapefile CBS and Kadaster 2015
Land use Apeldoorn 2015 Shapefile CBS and Kadaster 2015
Land-use Apeldoorn 2015 Shapefile CBS and Kadaster 2015

Untagged items

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Title Author(s) Year Tag(s)
Overview of Apeldoorn
Image | Edit
Maarten Sprangh 2013


This layer is about specific economic information on the sector's activities, per single material: value created (GDP, GVA), actors (companies) and employees.

Mandatory sublayers

Data and information to obtain

2.1. Extraction/Harvesting 3
2.2. Manufacturing 1
2.3. Use 1
2.4. Waste Collection 4
2.5. Waste Treatment 3
2.5.1 Landfill 1
2.5.2 Incineration 0
2.5.3 Recycling 0
2.5.4 Backfilling 0
2.5.5 Remediation 0
2.5.6 Composting 0
2.5.7 Biomethanisation 0
2.6. Reuse 1
2.7. Remanufacture 1
2.8. Imports 1
2.9. Exports 1

This layer is all about flows and stocks from extraction, manufacturing, use (consumption), imports and exports, waste, and addition to (artificial) stocks (e.g. building stocks).

Mandatory sublayers

Data and information to obtain

3.1. Extraction/Harvesting 7
3.2. Manufacturing 3
3.3 Use 9
3.4 Stock 9
3.4.1 Reuse (stock to use) 0
3.5. Waste flows 9
3.6. Imports and exports 4

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