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Title Type Author(s) Year
Establisments and Enterprises by number of employees in Bodø (2015,2020) column graph Image
Employees by economic activity sector - Porto Dataset INE 2022
Porto Employees by Indutries (2009-2020) Dataset INE 2022
Employed labour force in Mikkeli by Industry in 2018 Dataset Statistics Finland 2021
Employment in extraction and harvesting in Mikkeli in Agriculture, forestry and fishing and mining and quarrying 2014-2019. Dataset Statistics Finland 2021
Amount of employees in Roskilde in 4 years (number of employees by industry code in Roskilde) Dataset CVR 2020
Apeldoorn employment per NACE codes 2010-2020 Dataset Deniz Celik 2020
Bodø employment per NACE codes - 2020 Dataset Deniz Celik 2020
Establisments and Enterprises by number of employees in Bodø (2015,2020) Dataset Deniz Celik 2020
Growth accounts in Hoje-Taastrup Report Hoje-Taastrup municipality 2020
Industries and employees in Mikkeli 2013-2018 Dataset Statistics Finland 2020
Number of companies per SBI-code (1st to 5th digit), 2007-2020 Dataset CBS 2020
Apeldoorn City employment 2000-2019 Dataset PWE-Gelderland 2019 2019
Jobs of employees from country - city level dec 2010 - dec 2019 Dataset CBS 2019
A list of actors in Mikkeli by Nace codes Dataset Seppälä J. 2018
Apeldoorn employment per NACE codes - 2018 Dataset Deniz Celik 2018
Employed per. industry (level 2) in HTK Dataset Hoje-Taastrup Municipality 2015