Industries and employees in Mikkeli 2013-2018

Industries in Mikkeli by NACE- codes from section up to class -level. 1.table (toimialat uusin tarkastamaton) is in class-level as well as (palkkasumma, tarkastettu) these from years 2016-2018. Lähdedata (source data) on 3rd sheet has class-level information (years 2013-2018). Information may be found on these excel tables about number of jobs, turnover, number of companies, personnel, salary.

This information was obtained by contacting Statistics Finland and through precise enquiry on Mikkeli City -information. It was not available through internet access, since only statistics of province-areas could be searched through this service.

Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity [e-publication].
ISSN=2342-6268. Helsinki: Statistics Finland [referred: 17.2.2021].

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