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Title Type Author(s) Year
Actors construction Bodø Report
Land Use regulations Bodø Map
Land use Bodo Dataset
Land use Bodo shapefiles Shapefile
Land use Bodø graph Image
Population Bodo Dataset
Population growth Bodø Dataset
Bodø - Sankey and indicator data for construction sector Dataset Tor Gausemel Kristensen 2021
Population of Bodø Dataset Statistics Norway 2021
City boundaries Bodo Shapefile Jännti and Kristensen 2020
City boundaries Bodo 2 Shapefile Jäntti and Kristensen 2020
NUTS 2 - 2016 Shapefile EUROSTAT 2020
NUTS 3 - 2016 Shapefile EUROSTAT 2020
Population Density Bodø Dataset 2020
Population growth Bodø Dataset 2020

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Title Author(s) Year Tag(s)
Bodø skyline
Image | Edit
Exploring circularity in the construction sector in Bodø, Norway
Video Recording | Edit
Aristide Athanassiadis 2020 3.02. ConstructionCircular EconomyConstruction sector


This layer is about specific economic information on the sector's activities, per single material: value created (GDP, GVA), actors (companies) and employees.

Mandatory sublayers

Data and information to obtain

2.1. Extraction/Harvesting 0
2.2. Manufacturing 0
2.3. Use 0
2.4. Waste Collection 0
2.5. Waste Treatment 0
2.5.1 Landfill 0
2.5.2 Incineration 0
2.5.3 Recycling 0
2.5.4 Backfilling 0
2.5.5 Remediation 0
2.5.6 Composting 0
2.5.7 Biomethanisation 0
2.6. Reuse 0
2.7. Remanufacture 0
2.8. Imports 0
2.9. Exports 0

This layer is all about flows and stocks from extraction, manufacturing, use (consumption), imports and exports, waste, and addition to (artificial) stocks (e.g. building stocks).

Mandatory sublayers

Data and information to obtain

3.1. Extraction/Harvesting 1
3.2. Manufacturing 0
3.3 Use 0
3.4 Stock 0
3.4.1 Reuse (stock to use) 0
3.5. Waste flows 0
3.6. Imports and exports 0

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Data collection for circularity assessment of construction sector (WP2) Data collection for circularity assessment of biomass sector (WP3)

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