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Created on Thursday 6 May 2021, 08:57

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    Process a dataset
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    Johanna Järvinen
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    Johanna Järvinen
    Paul Hoekman

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I am trying to upload a new file to this but it will not do it. It just says system updating is taking place but after that nothing happens and file is not uploaded. The same problem has occured many time and with othes entries as well. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

Hi Johanna,

That likely means there is a bug in the system with certain types of files we need to fix. Could you send me the file you are trying to upload, and ideally also a screenshot of the website when you do the uploading? (basically the screen that you see just before you see the UPDATING... screen).

Hi Paul. Ok, here are the print screens and the file that I have a problem with. Have great weekend!

Paul, the same problem is with the oil bearing crops entry. I cannot upload a new file or review the content of the file existing. Could the problem be in the entries? These are files, that I added later (a day or so ago) on to data collecting inorder to process them.

Thanks a lot Johanna, that is very helpful!
I think I have identified the issue -- not related to the files actually but a bug related to the "next step" button. Do you mind trying again? Let me know if it happens.

Status change: In Progress → Completed

Hi Paul! I got everything processed now (Milk, Tubers and oil bearing crops). Thank you for debugging the hub :)

Great to hear Johanna, thanks for your perseverance and feedback!