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Make overview of CL tag IDs for their respective processing queues

Created on Tuesday 30 March 2021, 10:14

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    General administrative work
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    Carolin Bellstedt
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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We need a list with the tag IDs per queue so that Paul can connect them in the back-end and the right datasets show up in the right queues for processing.

Discussion and updates

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Task was assigned to Carolin Bellstedt

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Alright, I believe that I'm done here. I've added the tag IDs for each of the queues here and also noted down the status or any observations in column H.
@Paul, could you please have a look at the yellow highlighted fields there? Thanks :)

As for timing/urgency, as mentioned previously GIS and geospatial queues should be functional from April 19 (12pm), when Course 2 starts. Please let me know if this is doable Paul. If it isn't, I will manually have to change the respective files into "GPS coordinates" item type.

OK great Carolin. I have responded in the Google Doc.
And I think it is doable for next week Monday. Might be a last-minute thing (e.g. Monday early morning or Sun eve), but will be done before your class.

Thanks Paul! I've just responded too.
Alright, that would be fantastic! :) Thanks Paul!!

I'm closing this task then as it was completed and there is a separate programming task for it.

Status change: In Progress → Completed