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Connect CL tag IDs to the correct processing queue

Created on Tuesday 30 March 2021, 10:10

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    Paul Hoekman
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As discussed in my call with Paul, many of the processing queues for the CL cities are empty, see e.g. Mikkeli, because the CL tags haven't been associated with the correct and respective queues yet.
I will work on a list with tag IDs per queue and let Paul know which queues don't work yet. Mikkeli has a lot of different data files uploaded, so we can use it as an example city to test if the queues then work.
This should work by April 12 (or April 19) depending on the start of Course 2. I will let Paul know once it is fixed (we will know this week). Thanks.

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@Paul, Aris had noticed that when one browses to the maps section of a CL city, e.g. then one can't see the maps/GIS files already uploaded listed there. Would this also be resolved by the tags or is something else needed for that?

Hmmm yeah that is also because of the tagging stuff. I recommend you make a task for Guus to create a new CL page in which you indicate to him how he should set it up. When you make the task, please tell him that he should create this in the file of CityLoops, and not use the existing file, because otherwise the code gets too messy (he can consult me if in doubt).

Okay I believe this was now done. Tags have been linked for the flows, stocks, demographics, and economic datasets. For Shapefiles and Geospatial spreadsheets the tags are NOT used but instead the document type is being used to filter it. At the same time, a 'change document type' system has been put in place when processing datasets, allowing you to convert them to (e.g.) shapefiles or geospatial spreadsheets. This allows you to move them to that category. To do so, open the document > start processing it by assigning it to yourself > click the link that says that there is something wrong with the file > you can now swap type (see some screenshots attached). Also attached the new overview for Mikkelli where you can see the numbers.

Please do a full test by processing a few test documents so you can verify it all works as it should.

NOTE: if the dataset does not yet show up in any of the processing lists (because it is incorrectly labelled) then you can go to the dashboard > library > datasets, locate the document there, and then click the PROCESSING button in the document. This will allow you to change the type from there.

Status change: Open → Completed

NICE!! Thanks so much Pau!! :)

I thought that you were going to do a (in my mind) simpler "change document type" option, where people can change it, when they go to edit a document.
I will do a full test asap. And all noted about the rest.

As for the maps section, I've just made a task for Guus here. I am not sure if he also has to link the tags or if this is already done now through here, but I'm in touch with him in case things are not clear and he knows to contact you too.

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Thanks Carolin. Noted with the other task, I left some more instructions for Guus. It is a separate and finicky job he has to do - separate from this one.