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GPS Coordinates uploaded to the library

Created on Monday 22 March 2021, 14:42

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General instructions

To upload a new publication, first make sure you have all the details available (this includes the title, abstract, journal/place of publication, year, authors). Then go to the library, and click in the menu on LIBRARY > ADD A NEW PUBLICATION.

Select the type of publication that you want to add, and fill out the form. That's it! After you add a publication, a new task will be automatically created to process and publish this within the library -- this is a second task that can be done later by someone with review privileges (we need to add tags). If you add enough publications to the site, you will earn this privilege yourself and you can help with that as well.

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Discussion and updates

Task was completed

Hi Johanna,
For this file you said: "I´ve bee too eager to process stuff without thinkin it through properly, sorry. I processed a file: Geo-localisation of waste collecting and treatment in Mikkeli. It has information about the slush collecters in different districts of Mikkeli. I really think they should be taken out of the file. This is because they work in the whole districts area and the GPS coordinates might refer to their home-office. Anyways, it´s insignificant information I would like to take out. Can you please delete this process? Is it possible for me to do it on my own, since I´m probably going to make mistakes again :)"

I've reset the file. You can now upload the updated file without the slush collectors.
You cannot delete or reset those things, as this is only for admins to do, because we don't want people to accidentally delete their own or other people's documents. Knowing this, perhaps it encourages you to better consider what you process ;) Making mistakes is not so much the issue. We will always try to help to handle those :)

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