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Created on Saturday 20 March 2021, 17:00

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@Carolin or someone, can you please help me with this? I am trying to process this file and I'm doing exactly (or at least I think I am) what was mentioned on the videos, but it doesn't recognize the Longitude values. The cells are formated in numbers (negative numbers) in the excel and I don't understand what I am doing wrong...

Hi Paula,
Your file is formatted correctly. So all good there. BUT, you are trying to process GPS COORDINATES although the file type is currently still a DATASET type. This is also why it doesn't show up in your geospatial spreadsheet queue.

You can simply change the file type since a 'change document type' system has been put in place when processing datasets, allowing you to convert them to (e.g. shapefiles or geospatial spreadsheets). This allows you to move them to that category.
To do so, open the document > start processing it by assigning it to yourself > click the link that says that there is something wrong with the file > you can now swap type, in your case to GPS COORDINATES.
Then you process it as usually and it should recognise all the columns. Let me know if you need further help.

This document was converted to a new type (GPS Coordinates).