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Editing CL dataset entry in MoC library, tag field disappeared?!

Created on Wednesday 17 February 2021, 16:19

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    Paul Hoekman
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Another odd thing around DATASETS is happening, next to this one: there is no field for the tags anymore when editing a CL dataset within the MoC library.

I arrive there by clicking on the link in the network activity link (, see image. When clicking on edit (this page), there simply is no field of the tags!? See second image.
For shapefiles, the tags field is there, e.g. here.

Discussion and updates

New task was created

Image for no tag field.

Task was assigned to Paul Hoekman

Ufffff okay yeah I know what is happening here. This is a remnant from custom code that was (buggily, clearly) put in to give the Datasets a set of special fields (Data formats, API, Update Frequency, etc). Due to these requirements it was needed to create a special item, which is not the same as other library items, but which therefore also required its own code to add and edit records. These fields are no longer needed and ideally we would phase out this special Dataset type and migrate it into a normal Library Item so that there is no longer code duplicated. But that's likely gonna be quite a project. Let me look into this now to see if we can at least sort this out in the short term...

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Well I've sorta sorted this out. The editing stuff is now fully aligned with editing any other item. There is no longer a duality in Datasets vs other library items in terms of the form and fields. This should be easier to manage, easy enough to understand for the users, and makes it easier to maintain. I haven't addressed the root of the problem - I'll make a separate task for that to look into in due time (okay ideally soon but let's see). Please keep an eye out for any Dataset-only bugs and if there are, give me a shout. Until I've fully rooted out this conditional code some things may pop up.

Status change: In Progress → Completed

FYI here is the more structural solution.

Ahhh, yes, the good old extra fields that we had at the very beginning. Thanks for the temporary fix Paul!
Will keep an eye out for bugs as usual and then also try to check if they are related to Dataset-only things.