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Created on Thursday 11 February 2021, 13:11

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    Process a dataset
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    Johanna Järvinen
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Task was assigned to Johanna Järvinen and status was changed: Open → In Progress

I don´t understand. I´m trying to process the population of Mikkeli and it should be a very easy and straight forward excel sheet, but it still has a problem: Not all of your data could be properly processed. Please review the error below and upload a new file. ERROR: Could not load the spreadsheet data. What am I missing here?

Hi Johanna,

I am not 100% sure but one thing I see in your spreadsheet is that the DATE column currently only has a year -- this should be changed to the exact date related to the population figure.

Hello Paul. Yes, I did it the same way it was done on the video and also used the same template that was given for this task. In the video and the template it was done with the year being the date. I have not seen that anyone else has had the same problem. I´ll get back to this next week. Thank you for your help :)

BR. Johanna

Noted Johanna. There might be a mistake in the video because every observation of a "stock" (which is what population technically is) should be associated with a specific date, so that the system can understand when this was observed. I would say have a try next week with a specific date, and if that works be sure to let Aris and Carolin know as well so they can share these insights with the others. If it doesn't work give me a shout and I will do some technical debugging.

Hi Paul! I tried to upload a new file with the period (year) start date and end date. Now the problem seems to bee the reference space, it cannot find it for some reason (Mikkeli). I have already downloaded material with the same reference space and it was ok with that and found the space just fine. I have tried to do the excel sheet again, but it had no difference and the same problem appeared again with the reference space.

Thanks for all your help!

Hi Johanna,

I am not sure if this was covered in class..? If not, can you please send me a screenshot of the problem? Thanks!


Hi Paul! No, this is still a problem and I tried to download the information again, and it did not find the reference space. Is it possible that for the population of Mikkeli the reference space is already taken by previous tries to download and process the population information, so the space Mikkeli is already "used" for this?

Hi Johanna,

As you can see in the error, the system is not picking up the name of the city. That is because the number of columns is not correct. I recommend you download the template file and use that, that will make things easier.

In any case the problem here is that you must see population as a stock (not a flow!). That means there is a single date of the "measurement" (when the count was done). So there should only be one column with DATE, and not a start + end date.

For the template files, go to DATA PROCESSING > DEMOGRAPHIC DATA, and check the column on the right hand side, it has links to the template files you can use. If you use those, without changing the columns, then I think it should all work.

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Yes, thank you Paul! I finally got it done with the single percise date.

Great to hear Johanna!