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Add fields and icons to top bar for logged in users

Created on Monday 8 February 2021, 11:52

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    Paul Hoekman
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Guus Hoekman
    Paul Hoekman

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At the moment, it seems that only "Super users" can see the fields and icons in the top bar, as can be seen in the screenshot. Adriaan pointed this out and it made me think how useful it is to have, because (1) one can recognise right away that one is actually logged and (2) the notifications and network activity show there of course as well. So far I had assumed that all registered users can see that, but this is apparently not the case.

Could we please also add (some) of the super user fields for other registered users? E.g. "Notifications", "Member type", Network activity icon;

Discussion and updates

New task was created

Task was assigned to Guus Hoekman

Status change: Open → In Progress

@Carolin, in Paul's mind the network activity page was something for MoC staff. That page also has this issue of being a doubled URL (with twice). I'll assign this to him for now.

Guus Hoekman is no longer responsible for this task

(I noticed now I can't assign anything to other people but for now this is Paul's task)

Task was assigned to Paul Hoekman

@Guus, yes here you can't assign things to other people, but that's fine. Thanks Paul for picking it up.
I didn't know that you had the network activity in mind for MoC staff only, Paul. Yesterday in the course, I was saying how it is my favourite button on the entire website, because you see right away what is going on and I find that inspiring. I'm absolutely not insisting on having this for everyone, but happy to discuss pros and cons.

In any case, thanks to Guus for adding the user name and notifications. That's certainly useful to have already :)

Btw, does anyone know why the original forum post disappeared from the CL forum and went to the general one?

The main issue is that the links in the activity tab have this odd prefix, which isn't really 'production-ready' - I never prioritized as it was always only an internal page. For me making it public is a good thing, it just requires some time to make sure it is production-ready.

No idea why the forum post moved though!

Yeah, I see, that's true. But good that you also think that it is a good thing.

Is there any way that I can fix the forum topic being back in the CL forum?

Yeah I'll look into it. Will likely sit down for MOC programming tomorrow.

Guus please note that at some point you added:

            {% if request.user.is_superuser %}
Super user
{% elif request.user.is_staff %}
MoC team member
{% else %}
MoC community member
{% endif %}

To top-layer. This top layer is used for all kinds of sites, some of which are not necessarily MoC-branded (e.g. Metabolism of Islands). Stating that any logged-in user is a "MoC community member" is therefore confusing. If people simply see their name in the top bar they will understand that they are logged in, which I understand was your main objective Carolin. So I will just leave that but remove the role from their name. We can showcase people's specific permission levels / roles in their profile in due course.

Okay this was done. User name + Network activity + Notification buttons are now shown for all users. The network activity shows by default activity across the ENTIRE network (MOC subsites), but also now features a button to limit to current site only. A new link was added to the Community Hub > Community, where people (even those not logged in) can view the network activity, which is the same page but it defaults to showing activity on that site only (with an option to toggle and see activity network-wide).

Status change: Open → Completed

Cool, cool! Thanks Paul!! Yes, this ticks now all the boxes that will be helpful for the users to have, I like that it got this little side-upgrade that people can now also show network or subsite specific activity - very nice :)

Glad you like it!