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Process a dataset

Created on Thursday 1 September 2022, 13:56

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Task was assigned to Carolin Bellstedt and status was changed: Open → In Progress

Pfff, I don't know what I'm doing wrong with this, but I keep getting the error code after 8 different versions: "Not all of your data could be properly processed. Please review the error below and upload a new file. ERROR: Could not load the spreadsheet data."

  1. This doesn't really tell me what is wrong with the file. (Material code and ref space are found.)
  2. I know this has happened before, so many times, and also for other users and then I try to use xls or csv versions or saving it through open office instead of excel or copying the date formatting (31/01/2017 vs. 31-01-2017 vs. 2017-01-31, while we are supposed to use the latter it doesn't always work either) from a file that has worked before. It is frustrating though, as it should be easier.

Does anyone have any tips?

In CSV format there is no hidden formatting like there is in Excel/Open Office, so my recommendation would be to process it in CSV and to make sure that the format is YYYY-MM-DD. At the moment the CSV has the format DD/MM/YY. If you still have a problem with that format let me know.

Sidenote: in Cell F61 in the Excel spreadsheet you have a colon listed - just a colon. That will be a problem if you try and process the Excel file. The field should either contain a number or be empty - other characters don't work.

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I had saved it in CSV as well, but the crux is that Excel tries to "help" the user with auto-formatting and even does so when someone only opens a file (see Microsoft forum discussion) when I saved it in CSV, it would change my nicely correctly typed out YYYY-MM-DD format back to DD/MM/YY.

The solution in my case was to use the Date format YYYY-MM-DD that you can select through excel (see screenshot) and save it in XLS.

Thanks for the sidenote. I had eliminated that in other attempts, but good to have it refreshed that only numbers of empty cells are accepted.

Glad to hear you got this sorted! I wasn't aware of that bug in Excel. Might be good if we document that somewhere. I am not sure if LibreOffice does the same but it might be good to recommend people to use that instead - open source too! (but first we should check if it has the same issue)