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Module - M2: Processing spreadsheet data

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Hello! I have a little question on live animals data stock. My data is in quantity/number of animals (number of goats, sheeps, cows,...) that exists in the city. In which unit do I put (or convert) it in the processed file?


I have also questions concerning possible unit conversions.

  • Length of roads: Should we convert the length of roads (km) to tonnes of materials? In the report which you linked for us (Economy-wide material flow accounts handbook), I saw the German values - tonnes of sand and gravel used for construction and maintenance of different types of roads. I tentatively calculated the materials needed for construction of Mikkeli roads, but the year of construction is not mentioned in data so the estimation of material flows used for maintenance is more difficult to estimate. How about the amount of e.g. bitumen/asphalt used for roads? Do you have some instructions how to process this kind of data?

  • Number and/or floor area of buildings: Can we use these units (item or m2 and which one or both?) when processing data or should we somehow convert units to tonnes? In videos you recommended the conversion to tonnes. Do you have some advice, how to make this conversion if needed? I tried to google weight of buildings etc. but I didn´t find (yet) any reliable value.

Hi all, I got a couple of questions after attempting to process some files for the population, stock and flow data.

  • Population data: for the population data I wonder what the added value is of uploading demographic data at this stage? I uploaded a variety of population data such as gender, age groups, household data, population prognosis could you explain how we will use this data later on?
  • Population data: what to add in the segment column. I have e.g. data on gender and age groups can I combine this in the segment column such as male, 0-5; female, 0-5, male, 5-10 etc. Or should I upload this in separate files? In short: how should I format the segment column information?

  • Population data: in the video it is stated to only upload city information. However in course 1A/1B it was stated to upload data also at other NUTS levels (which I did in one dataset). How to process this? Should I (for now) only process Apeldoorn data or also make separate files for the other reference spaces or can there be multiple reference spaces active in one dataset? And is it even still necessary to upload for the other NUTS levels population data?

  • Flow data agricultural crops: Is there perhaps another source instead of the FAO? For many crops I cannot find the relevant 'yield factors'..

  • Flow data agricultural crops, material categories: are the material codes for flower bulbs and tree nurseries EMP1.6? And cash crops, which material category should I use for that? I think there is a small mistake in the material codes. For agricultural crops other it is EMP1.1.A, shouldn’t it be EMP1.1.5? Then I also have information on a variety of (productive) grassland systems: permanent, temporary, and natural, is that then EMP1.2.2.2?

  • Flow data agricultural crops: It was a lot of work to process this information especially because I have information from +/- 2000 onwards.. Which timeframe is relevant? Is the past 5 years for example already sufficient?

  • Stock data: As Paula also asks above what to do with data in 'heads' but also data on number of buildings etc. which do not have a specific unit which is asked for in the stock file?

  • Stock data: How should I use reports I uploaded on e.g. building or road material composition (provides some information but mainly very generic or difficult to pinpoint the actual information e.g. this report page 28, could you perhaps explain the method for this a bit more?

Many thanks!

Hello everyone,
I've heard that Aris answered most of your questions in the course and said that he will give you some more details on others, so we have decided that for good record keeping, easy look up and easy dissemination, we will provide you with a google doc with more info.

So far, it contains an FAQ section (which we will expand and refine, as more questions come in) and we will also provide additional input on conversion etc., which maybe stuffs up the task descriptions too much otherwise. Having the google doc, also allows you to comment on specific aspects of a question.
You will see that not all questions are answered yet, but we are working on it. Do let us know with which ones you are especially stuck and we will try to help with those first.

Hope all is going well otherwise!

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