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M3: Sector Economic Activities - Flow Diagram Review

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Hello Carolin!
As discussed in today's session, I rectified the flow diagram of the Fish, correcting it with your recommendations, using the 4-digit NACE codes and introducing imports and exports as well-
I would like to request you a new revision of this update made to the diagram, please.
Thank you

Hi Paula,
Great! I also saw that you commented on the input doc with the points that we discussed in the course meeting. Thanks for that. I will have a look today and come back to you.

Hey Paula,
It took me some time to go through your great fish flow diagram, but I'm happy to report that you are getting there! :) I've added some more feedback points to our document here and can advise you to read all points, before implementing them, because it will save you from some work (especially the transport connections). Let me know if you have questions and good luck!

Hi Madzy,
I've just checked your dairy products flow diagram too. It seems that you are almost done too, see also my new feedback here.

@All, going forward, I will mark if something has been reviewed in the spreadsheet overview too.

All the 3 (Fish, Sugar Crops, Roots & tubers) are ready to review. Hope I haven't made a mistake or missed a point :)

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