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At the Metabolism of Cities Data Hub and Metabolism of Islands we have a set of tools available that allow anyone to help us in the process of data collection and data processing. We are committed to making urban (and island!) sustainability data more open and publicly accessible, with the help of a network of volunteers. And YOU can also be part of this network!

Becoming a data collector is quite straightforward and you can start uploading new documents by registering as a new user and heading over to the DATA COLLECTION tab in the city or island of your choice. This is available under the COMMUNITY HUB of each dashboard. We have a set of tutorials and even an entire free, online course dedicated to data collection (in English and in Spanish).

However, once documents have been uploaded by our data collectors, we need help processing the information. In our terminology, processing data entails filtering and reviewing information that was uploaded, and if it is deemed suitable, it needs to be formatted in just the right way so that our system can read the data contained within the documents. In order to learn how to do this we also have available a free, online course (fully developed in Spanish, with an English version underway). In the meantime, English-speaking visitors can view these instruction videos.

Are you ready to process data?

Once you have made yourself familiar with the procedure, we invite you to join our team! You will need to be granted data processing permissions, which we will do through the forum. If you are ready to go, please leave a message here and let us know what kind of data you plan to work on, and also be sure to share any questions you may have.

Good luck, and thanks for participating!

Hola Paul,
Acabo de comenzar el curso de procesamiento de datos, anteriormente ya había hecho el de recolección de datos. Me disponía a hacer el primer ejercicio, sin embargo, cuando llego a la parte de procesar datos, el sistema me dice que requiero autorización. Me podrías ayudar con ello por favor.

Saludos desde México!
Yarení Aguado

Hola Yarení,

Que bien de 'verte' ;-)

Efectivamente necesitabamos activar los permisos para poder procesar datos -- ahora ya deberías poder entrar, favor me avisas si tenés algunas complicaciones. Suerte con el curso y favor no dudas en dejas comentarios/preguntas en el sitio.


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