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Simplify Layer 3 sublayers

Created on Monday 1 March 2021, 14:58

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    Carolin Bellstedt
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    Carolin Bellstedt
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For Layer 3, we have realised and agree that with its sublayers, it is way too much focused on the Sankey thinking. Yes, we need that Sankey thinking and eventually the data for all those cells, but it is not too suitable and practical for the data collection. Instead: we will use simplified layers. We will use the same ones as Layer 2, plus include Stock there.
The idea is that the cities will go through those layers for all the sector's (11/12) materials and lifecycle stages (LCS) to find data. If they have data related to NACE codes, great. Then they can simply note the NACE code in the description or uploader notes. If they are NOT related to NACE codes, then it is still fine that we can relate them to LCS, which is automatically given by the layer tag.

Discussion and updates

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Hmm, this is giving me more problems than I thought. My idea was to simply hide the sublayers that we do not need with the tag manager, but the following happens:

  • Removing "is public" and ticking "hidden" makes the entry disappear from the harvesting list AND also from the tag site (as if it is deleted).
  • Removing "is public" and removing "hidden" makes it disappear from the harvesting list AND from the tag site (as if it is deleted). e.g. 1019
  • Ticking "is public" and ticking "hidden" makes it still appear in the list. Kind of logical since I guess "is public" trumps "hidden".

@Paul, what can I do here? Is there a way that I can set this up by myself, meaning disable /deactivate the sublayers, without deleting them?

Easiest would be to MOVE them to another section, so that they are not part of the same hierarchical structure anymore. That way, they won't show up anymore but you don't lose the tags.

Thanks for that idea Paul. I will do that. Have I accidentally deleted the other ones, as I was messing with them? I mostly tested it on the ones in between 1014-1022.

Only if you hit DELETE will they be deleted. If you remove them from being public, they are simply not shown anymore but they are still there and could be dug up (just takes me a bit of time to do that).

Got it, thanks.

Status change: Open → In Progress

I've done this. It looks much cleaner now. Still unsure about leaving 3.4.1 in there, but will discuss with Aris.
I have documented in our "Converging current MoC with CityLoops layers" spreadsheet if the sublayers where moved to the "parked layers" tag or if they "got lost", in case the old ones need to be dug up at some point.

Status change: In Progress → Completed

Coolio, noted Carolin.