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The form doesn't accept the information inserted in the filed 9A and return the error message "The value must be less or equal to 2147483647".

The value I'm trying to insert is 3513082840

Could you please check if this is a limitation of the platform?


The same error message to 10A - Biomass GDP of Portugal

Hi Carla, this indeed sounds like a database limitation.

Guus, I assume this is one of the CityLoops-specific database fields that is being saved, no? Have a look here. If you change the field to a PositiveBigIntegerField, it will allow BIG values up to 9223372036854775807.

Please let me know when this issue is resolved, so I can update the report.


Hi Carla,
Neither Guus nor I saw this message until yesterday, but we discussed it now and he will change the field. He will respond here to let you know once it is done.
Thanks (and also thanks to Paul for responding in the meantime and pointing out the issue)

Ok Carolin ;)


Thanks for bringing this up Carla. And thanks Paul for the suggestion on how to fix it, it was indeed the IntegerField limitation so using PositiveBigIntegerField now.

It's now been fixed. Please let me know if everything works now as it should Carla.

Yes, it is! It is already uploaded and processed correctly. t
Thank you!

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