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Diagrams: Imports/Exports

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Hello Carolin and Aristides,

I have some doubts related with imports and exports that we should consider for diagrams.

In D4.3, table 16 (page 53) you have an example about what value chain should looks like, and here in imports and exports the NACE codes considered was the codes related with transport activities.

My question is related with this nace codes in imports and exports. Why you consider this NACE codes in imports and exports, since these are support activites? We didn't should consider the economic activities related with flow materials?

For instance, I can have national production of potatoes that I will send in the national market, however, I also can have in the market some import potatoes to sell. The some for exports, I can sell national production but some could go for exportations.

The transports aren't just axiliary activities?

Thanks for clarifying me.

Hi Carla,
Good that you are working very focused and noticed the same mistake as Madzy did. It also means that you are becoming very familiar with the codes.

You are right: the transport codes should NOT have been used here, but instead the correct (4 digit) codes from G 46, wholesale. I had also mentioned that in the course meeting, and it is on the list as 4th point under "Tips/observations for all" in the input document. But I understand that you are getting a lot of info and in this case unfortunately conflicting info from us. We will change that in the next version of D4.3.

For the flow diagram it means that transport is represented by the arrows between the boxes, but that it isn't specified how (air, rail, sea etc.). If something is imported or exported, this is expressed through a 46 code, which in itself doesn't specify where something is being sold to.

Hope this clarified things.

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