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Module - M3: Sector Economic Activities - What

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Hi Aristide and Carolin,

Hoje Taastrup has some questions regarding the task for this week:

-is it just a somewhat generalized flow of each material that is needed? In Høje-Taastrup we do not have any steel production, for instance. So we can only make a diagram for steel in general. If this is the case, then why is it delegated to the cities?

  • If more specific city data is needed, this will be very hard to come by. My best guess is that we would need purchase information or perhaps just information on how much steel is imported into Denmark and then an estimate of how much would be used in Høje-Taastrup. For the waste stream we would have to find out how much steel is sent to various steel recycling plants from Høje-Taastrup, which could be very tricky.

-The “manage blocks” in order to create a flow diagram isn't working? is there anyone else who has the same problem?

Hi Cecilie,

(1) Yes, the flow diagram is a general flow that is not specific to your city. The 11 materials making up the sector were split up amongst the 6 cities working with the construction sector. The idea is that you can help each other out with that. You will benefit from the other flow diagrams made by the others, because you will need to check if the economic activities from the other materials apply to your city too, or not. In general, making the flow diagram also helps you understand the connections and become more familiar with NACE codes in general.
By the way, are you certain that there is no steel production in Høje-Taastrup? I found this, for example? Even if not, you are using steel in construction, not only in buildings but also here and here, as examples :)

(2) This is why we will look to the materials on NUTS3 levels, to downscale data to the cities, if needed. In some cases, you can also get data from industry associations etc., and from waste composition studies. We will go over this, when we get to Layer 3. But good that you are already thinking about that.

(3) If it did not work for Erika, it should now as I've changed her user permissions. She had signed up after I had changed those for all others, so she wasn't included yet. If it is the case for you, please make sure to check if you are logged in and try again. If it still doesn't work, please send me a screenshot that includes the browser address bar and I will have a look.

See also similar questions around this task from the other course.

Hi Carolin,

Thanks for your reply! Høje Taastrup has now created their flow diagrams for steel and asphalt. You are very welcome to look at them when you have time and see if it makes sense.
They still had difficulty with steel production, as the locations you mention in HTK are a machine shop but isn't an iron mine or steel rolling mill. These are instead companies that work with steel products.
Regarding asphalt as a material, they could not find a category on asphalt production, so a few steps are missing. Also, we should perhaps talk about the idea behind these flow charts on Monday, as they still seem very general, and they therefore may not fully understand how it will be different from municipality to municipality.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what the other cities come up with.

Best regards,

Hi Carolin,

Pia and Julie from Roskilde also need user permissions. I have already asked them to sign up.

Best regards,

Hi Cecilie,
Pia already had permission and Julie does too now :)

Hi Aristide and Carolin,

Flow diagram for gypsum is ready for your reviewing. I sent my comment yesterday to this google document (link below), but I´m not sure if you noticed it?

Best regards,

Hi Vuokko,
Yes, I saw your comment there. Thanks for putting a note here as well. I will review it just now. In the meantime, I don't know if you had seen the comment in "construction: timber", if you could work on that one, it would be great. I know that Aris and I had said that we can use the same one made as in biomass, but that one is too detailed for the construction sector. Thanks for understanding.

Hi Carolin,

Have you already returned from holiday to work? Hope that you had very nice and relaxing holiday :) Have you seen my comments and changes concerning timber flow diagram?

Hi Vukko,
Yes, I'm back from holiday and it was very nice, thanks. Hope you also had some relaxing days over Easter.
To be honest, I haven't checked back on the flow diagrams since I'm back, because there is still lots to do to prepare Course 2. I will try to have a look today. If not, then surely before Monday.

Thank you :)

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