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Module - M3: Sector Economic Activities - What

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The flow diagrams we have to do this week is general information about each material, not related with what exist or not in the specific city, right?

Hi Carla,
Yes, that is correct :)


I have a couple of (related) questions about the flow diagrams. After drawing them out on paper and assigning the right NACE codes I constructed them here so I am curious to know what you think :-). However, there were a few things unclear to me.

(1) In video 3&4 Aristide shows the example flow diagram of the construction sector with the assigned NACE codes. In this diagram the import&export NACE codes are included. When I think about it, I have the idea that import/export are connected to most steps in the flow diagram so I was a bit hesitant of adding them to avoid a messy diagram. My question is, are we also expected to add these to the flow diagrams?

(2) A similar issue appeared for me when constructing the diagram for dairy. The waste collection bit might result in a visually messy flow diagram as in all steps in the process from production to consumption dairy waste can appear. Do I have to add this to the flow diagram or is it better to leave out?

(3) There is also a large variety of retail options for dairy at least but e.g. retail over the internet (G47.9.1 ) can be applied to many materials (e.g. internet retail of bricks). Is such a NACE code then relevant to add in the flow diagrams per material although it does not specify a material?

Many thanks.

Hey Madzy,
Thanks for sharing your first results and thoughts! And these are definitely questions that we expected, as these are typical "aha" moments.

(1)+(2) You are right import/export as well as your point made in (2), waste collection actually occur at every step. So does transport actually, but we at least have the arrows that represent the transport from one step to the next, so that is actually left out at the moment.
To answer your question, I would suggest to add import/export AND waste collection to one of the ones that you are doing, just to see HOW messy it really gets (maximum mess in that case probably as your adding both, but will be interesting to see). For the other ones, include them, but only at one point in the diagram, e.g. in the beginning and end.
The reason that we can still do it like this now is that we will then export these codes to a worksheet and you have to check for each the GDP, actors and employees etc. That check only has to be done once per NACE code and material, therefore it doesn't really matter if the same NACE code is in the diagram once or 5 times.
Since the flow diagram is also the basis for the Sankey, those "messy"/complete connections will matter, but we can see about that later.

(3) Yes, adding such a generic code is still relevant, because it is an economic activity that can apply to that material, even if it applies to other materials too. That means, once you eventually check if there is such economic activity in your city, you can then dissect what material they are dealing with.

Keep up the good work! :)

Hi Carolin,

Indeed there were some aha moments, supply chains are more complex than you imagine in your head.
Thank you for your comments, I will update it soon :-)

Edit: I checked the NACE codes assigned to import and export in the video and added almost all of them to the dairy diagram. However, when finished I reflected and thought.. aren't these the transport NACE codes..? The NACE codes of all the steps already involve international trade I think (e.g. 46 Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles. This division includes wholesale trade on own account or on a fee or contract basis (commission trade) related to domestic wholesale trade as well as international wholesale trade (import/export)). So maybe you have decided differently on what the import/export NACE codes are in de background document of this course but I am now slightly confused as it seems added the transport NACE codes..

Carolin, Aristide or Paul: could you please check/review the flow diagrams of Fish and Roots, tubers (biomass materials) that me and Carla uploaded please?
Thank you

Hi Paula, just so you know: I sometimes help with some of the technical things of the website but in terms of the actual work and content, Carolin and Aris are the ones involved. So one of them will get back to you soon!

Hi Paula,
Thanks for letting us know that these are ready to check. I will have a look just now. We will discuss all that were built in the course meeting today :)

Hey everyone,
Following up on yesterday's course meeting, I want to share with you the points that I had noted for each material and the result of looking up the household consumption NACE code. Please find it in this document. Once you have covered those comments or notes there, you can note in that document (through the commenting function) how you have dealt with the point and the note can be deleted. This way we can keep track that things are accounted for.
Thanks and good luck!

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