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1.6. Land use - Mikkeli

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I tried to download CORINE land cover 2018 data here but I have problems to download shp-file. I got announcement for error:

(Google translation:)
Secure connection failed An error occurred while communicating with PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERRORThe landing page could not be displayed because the origin of the received data could not be verified.Please notify the site owner

Do you have any idea, what could be problem?

Best regads,

Hi Vuokko,

I don't know what the problem is with the download, but I get the same error message. I can imagine that it has to do with the file size, but not sure.

@Paul, this has to do with this item: and the error message is the one from the screenshot after clicking on "download as zipfile".

@Vuokko, the other error message of "no shapefile found", could possibly come from the "clc2018eu25ha.shp.xml (18.5 KB)" file having the extra ".xml" ending. I also can't test it now to try and rename, because it won't let me download the files either. I will make sure to check how this can be fixed.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
Best regards,

Hi Vuokko and Carolin,

This was an unexpected issue that I initially couldn't replicate - using Firefox. However it turned out to be Chrome related and is now fixed. Here is the summary:

  • The name of the uploaded record is "CORINE Land Cover 2018, 25 ha". By default, the system will name the zipfile after the title of the record, followed by .zip. However, there is an issue in Google Chrome that throws the error you both saw. The solution was a slight change in the code which was now applied and it should now work properly.
  • Independently from this issue, the uploaded files are indeed incomplete. There is no .shp file included. Carolin, simply renaming another file won't work (well, it will remove the error but it will not be an actual solution to the missing shapefile). So I recommend adding the missing .shp file before proceeding.

Good luck!

Hi Paul,
I see. I hadn't tried it on a different browser. Will try to do that next time. Thanks for the insights on how you solved things and letting us know what the shapefile issue was and how to (and how not to) fix that. Hopefully Vuokko can find the correct files.

Thank you for your answers! I tried now to upload the shp-file again, but there was still same problem. I tried Firefox, Chrome and IE but unfortunately I couldn´t download the file with any browser.

Br, Vuokko

Hi Vuokko, could you send the URL and a screenshot of where the problem appears? I'll then have another look!

That is odd. I've just tested it too and for me it works. It takes about 10 seconds (Brave), 4 seconds (Chrome) and 3 seconds in Firefox before the download starts because the file is so large.

Here is the screenshot of the problem, which I unfortunately still have... This view comes after about 30-60 s downloading. Translation of the text is in my first message.

Very strange, really. I've just tested it, and for me it works in different browsers. Can I ask why you need to download it from the Data Hub again? You don't have the original files on your laptop or could download it from the original source?
If it is about changing the files, you could also click on the "edit" button and upload new files and delete the existing ones there...
Otherwise, I could download them for you and send them via wetransfer or so.

Hi Vuokko,

I see that this particular error is different from before. I've searched for the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR, and from this page it seems most likely that this is something client-side (meaning a certain setting on your computer, not something we can fix on our servers). Could you either try some of the suggestions in the document, or otherwise liaise with Carolin to get the files you need, hoping it's only that page that's causing this (if more pages have this, then let's try to get to the root of the problem).

Thank you for your help. Now I finally succeed to download the data (all files) to DataHub so that also map preview works. First Johanna also tested to download shp-file, but she got announcement that file is too big. Original data was national so we downloaded the data according to Mikkeli boundaries and after that, it was possible to download all the files to Data Hub.

🙌 Yes! Glad to hear it Vuokko. Thanks also from my side to Paul.

Great Vuokko -- thanks for persevering!

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