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Sample of finished product of SCA?

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Tor had asked us if we have a sample of how the finished product may look after the cities have collected all relevant data, and the data has been “massaged”. We've received this question before in other forms and thought it would be nice to address it here for all.

What we can show you is what data visualisations look like for a dataset that has already been processed in the MoC Data Hub, or depictions of infrastructure on a map, see:

However, the final product of the SCA, which is the dashboard (including the Sankey diagram) and the indicators is something that we still have to build. It isn't there yet and therefore we cannot show it. There are no other cases or cities that have that "final product" already, because it is yet to be designed as one of the outputs from the CityLoops project. We invite you to think about how you envision it and bring ideas to the next consortium meeting, where there will be room to co-design it.

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