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1.1. Boundaries - Apeldoorn

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Hi Aristide and Carolin,

Yesterday I was looking for shapefiles for the various NUTS levels for Apeldoorn and I found datasets as: or Although I can open these files in QGIS and they look like very nice maps and detailed, they aren't shapefiles and I also cannot make shapefiles from them. Also for layer 1.6 Land use (a bit ahead but same question), on PDOK there is also data but all seem to be embedded in different file type or a geoservice (WMS or WFS) which is not the shapefile you asked for. Is it also okay to use these type of datasets or do you have a suggestion for how to deal with this?

Many thanks,

Hi Madzy, quick question... often if you can open a file in QGIS, you can export from there into the shapefile format. Does that work for those files? Here is a tutorial on how to save it in QGIS.

Hi Paul, I tried this yesterday and thought it didn't work but I tried it again and it actually does, thank you!

Hey Madzy,
Great to hear! Just as a reminder and I've also clarified that in the M1 exercise description and instruction sheet: You don't have to add shapefiles for NUTS2, 3 and country. Those are already in the system. I've tagged them with the CL cities, so they should show up for you now too.

As for the question around WMS or WFS. I looked into this and WFS is the way to go, because those are the vector files and has shp files, as is in the PDOK description. WMS on the other hand is "raster" data, which doesn't help us.

You can simply do what has worked for you now, as Paul said. Alternatively, you can also do the following:

  • select json data, which gives you something like in this example.
  • In your browser, click file > save page as and then add .json at the end;
  • Finally, you can convert from Json to ESRI shapefile with a tool like

Also, I've come across this QGIS WFS tool from PDOK, but I don't know if that helps you at all.

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