Urban solid waste treatment plants and infrastructures existing in the Andalucia region

It contains information about the location and typology of the different urban solid waste treatment plants and infrastructures existing in Andalusia. This set of data comes from the old version of DERA, whose last revision was dated January 17, 2014, supported by data from the General Secretariat for the Environment and Water of the former Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment, and is published in the Compendium of Environmental Cartography and Statistics of Andalusia (2008), as well as in the resource bank of the Andalusian Environmental Information Network -REDIAM-. The information differs from the original because it has been verified that not all the facilities showed a correct location, proceeding to rectify the data, whenever possible. For this, allusive information from the web pages of the Provincial Councils and the Basic Color Orthophotography of Andalusia 2010-2011 has been taken as a reference.


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